With five new unique films about Zadar featuring top gastronomic offer, culture, adventure, famous Zadar sunset and Maraschino, as an authentic Zadar product, Zadar Tourist Board embarked on a marketing campaign "Feel Zadar", which aims to present Zadar's unique tourist offer and extend the main season throughout the whole year.

The distinguished atmosphere and poetry of the films is signed by a team under the director Andrea Buča. The filmmakers are Milan Latković and Duje Kundić, editor Koraljka Maričić and producer Mirta Mirt. In each of the films, the mood, the sensation, the ambient and the special experience of Zadar can be felt, which is something quite different from the usual tourist films.
That is why "Feel Zadar" (#feelzadar) was the perfect choice for the campaign title.

"We did not want to make a trendy tourist film, but to create recognizability and uniqueness as a year-round tourist attraction in the context of the potential evidently possessed by Zadar. We wanted people to feel Zadar", said Ante Rados, the director of Zadar Tourist Board.

The film that glorifies the immaculate purity of the sea even in the middle of the city, richness of cultural heritage, ecclesiastical tradition and heritage, museum spaces, sports facilities and natural beauties which surround it, and which is intended for everyone, but first of all for the audience wanting and looking for something more.

Zadar has the potential upon which destination strategy with a higher quality offer could be built. When it comes to tourism, it would be a shame not to point out the quality of indigenous foods from the soil and the sea that surrounds Zadar or unique recipes for authentic dishes and drinks typical for the local climate. Zadar is an attractive all-year destination for guests from Croatia and those from all over the world.

Each of the five films carries a different mood and a different city experience, so there are different slogans that appear at the end of each one-minute film. "Once you try it, you will fall in love", "The Most Beautiful Sunset in the World", "Flaming Sunset. Experience you will Never Regret","Take your Fun Seriously" and "Go Where the Winners Go" are all messages that effectively conclude the films and which show the unique Zadar experience.

In addition to the film crew, many actors, cast, dancers, stuntmen and performers were also involved in the video production process. Copywriters are responsible for the design of the marketing messages and communication, and a graphic design company called Hoba for the graphics. A website specifically designed for this campaign was created by Spring Media, and a comprehensive online marketing campaign was realized by Telum. All of these are young and award-winning companies from Zadar.


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